Welcome to the website of Helen Edwards and Jenny Lee Smith


We are sisters, but five years ago we knew nothing about each other.  Jenny was searching for birth relatives and came across Helen’s name.  The search gathered pace from there.   Finally, an email united us.

Dear Helen,

My name is Jenny and I was adopted at birth.  After doing a lot of investigation, I believe you are my half-sister.  Sorry for the complete shock, but there is no easy way of telling you….

I would love to hear from you …


Since our initial, tentative emails and our joyous first meeting, we have made many shocking discoveries together, unravelling our mother’s trail of secrets and lies.  Now we are ready to share our amazing story.

“This is a wonderful Story” (Jenny Stocks, Daily Mail)

A year ago, we decided to write a book about our contrasting lives and experiences, and the research that united us.  We found a ghostwriter who helped us collate our two memoirs into one eventful book.  It is provisionally entitled ‘Daughters of Deceit’.  Click here to read more about how we wrote the book.

Brief outline of ‘My Secret Sister’

The story of two sisters with contrasting childhoods and opportunities, unaware of each other’s existence, caught in the ‘tangled web’ of their mother’s secrets and deceptions.

Helen Edwards (kept by her birth mother) survives a loveless and abusive childhood, and a difficult adult life, dragged from place to place, before she finds the strength to claw her way out, achieve her ambitions and make her own happiness. But there was always something missing.

 Jenny Lee Smith (given away for adoption) enjoys a happy, loving childhood, with every opportunity. She overcomes anguish and heartbreak to become the top professional woman golfer of her time, with many titles and accolades. But throughout these years she is searching.

In learning about each other, we also learnt more about our own stories. The contrasts between our childhoods carved lifelong effects on us both. Our similarities and coincidences make our story unique.

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