We want to hear your story

Would you like to have your story feature in a new book by Helen and Jenny?

As the authors of My Secret Sister, we are now searching for those who had to give up their baby for adoption.

Having told our personal story in our highly successful book from a child’s point of view, we have always wondered about our mothers story, what happened to lead her to make the heartbreaking decisions that she made. This story we will never know in full.

We feel great compassion for her and the terrible burden she was forced to carry for the rest of her life. How very much we would have loved to talk to her about it.

We know there are many birth mothers of adopted children who are still carrying their own burden and who want their story to be heard. Or, are you the father of an adopted child and have a story to tell?

These are the untold stories which are very rarely heard these days.

We want to give you the opportunity to share the story of what happened to you. Would you like to help others, particularly adopted children to understand?

If so, Helen and Jenny would love to hear from you.

All contact will be treated with the utmost sensitivity, will be strictly confidential and no material will be used in our new book without your permission.

Please email us at, heleneandjennyls@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you!