Reviews and Comments

I started reading yesterday morning and couldn’t put it down until I finished it 10 minutes ago….WOW! W.

I have just read your book and I could hardly put it down. What a story – my heart goes out to you both. C.

I have just finished reading My Secret Sister. Bought on Thursday and finished on Friday. I could not put it down. J.

Your book so far has been a great comfort. Thank you. L.

WOW what an awful lot you have both been through, I’m so glad you both found each other.. I love that there is a happy ending. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your story. A.

It is a fabulous story and you are amazing women. A .

This book made me laugh and made me cry—-beautifully written could almost taste the coal dust from the pits and the salt water from the beach..where there’s life there is always hope….thanx for sharing your life story. L

Best book I have read in a long time very moving and told everyone to read it I give it ten out of ten. D.

I thought I would email you to say that the articles and book make heart warming reading. T.

I have just read your beautifully written book in 24 hours! Thank you for putting your incredible stories into print. J.

I have just been reading your story and it makes me so happy that you now have each other. I look forward to reading your blogs to see how you got to where you are today! S.

Very fascinating story of real people’s lives, very emotional and twists and turns along the way. Honestly the most interesting book I’ve ever read. Don’t think I will ever forget these characters. Would make an amazing film. It made me smile but mainly cry. So glad Jenny and Helen found each other they seem like wonderful people. A.

Two thirds of the way through this story I have been gripped from the first page. The story of the two sisters’ lives creates a fascinating contrast and each of their tales is recounted vividly and sensitively. I can’t wait to see how the tale unfolds yet do not want the book to end! L.

Thoroughly enjoyed this as they came from the same village as myself and I knew part of their story as my parents were neighbours of their grandmother. My elder sister also remembers their mother as she was a little younger. S.

This is one of those books that simply takes your heart strings and tugs hard….. but this one is a winner… a stunning and at times unbelievable story .. Im so glad I read it . a tear jerker… the story will stay with me for a long time… J.

A brilliantly and sympathetically written account of sisters separated at birth. I could not put this book down until it was finished – in the wee small hours of the morning. V.

What can I say this book is one of the best factual books I have ever read! V.

What an an addictive read about the lives of 2 simply amazing ladies. 5 star read, would recommend to anyone and have already lent my copy out! Thank you Helen and Jenny for sharing a fascinating story. D.

 Very emotional read. Sad, happy, shocking, uplifting, just brilliant. Every emotion explained, and every question you have whilst reading answered. G

What a wonderful, wonderful book. I recommend it to anyone. But be aware, it  WILL jerk your heartstrings, and even play a fine tune on them a time or two. But it is SO worth it! J

l would recommend this book to all women. C

Well written and told. The twists and turns make you laugh and cry. W

A really enlightening read –  A fantastic story, absolutely loved it – well done Helen and Jenny E