Writing Our Book

Provisionally titled ‘My Secret Sister’ 

It is said that most families have their secrets, but our family’s conspiracies were many and, like ripples across a lake, continued to disturb the fabric of our lives and the essence of who we were across the years.  Now, after 57 years apart, we are united at last.  This is an uplifting story of our triumph together over our past.

Writing our story has helped us to revisit many memories, both good and bad, rise above our history and move forward together with joy in our new-found companionship. 

Questions and Answers 

What made you write this book?

Helen:  “Writing the book was the final part of the story – cathartic.  It was good for us.  Something that we both needed to do, to help us understand.  Also, it’s something we want to share, a story we want to tell.  It’s for both of us.”

How do you feel, now that you’ve written the book?

Jenny:  “I feel extremely glad that we’ve written the book.  It’s been a very positive experience and has brought Helen and I very much closer.  We’ve also learnt more about each other’s lives.  It’s sometimes been a long and painful journey, as we go over those hardships and traumas again, especially for Helen.  But it’s been a therapeutic project.”

Now that the book’s finished, how do you feel about it and about your relationship as sisters?

Jenny:  “I feel it’s a joyous story, the story of Helen and I finding each other and enjoying our life together as sisters.  We’ve become so much closer through the project, learning about each other’s lives, families, strengths and weaknesses.  We’ve had quite a lot of knocks along the way.  I think writing about them has made us stronger people.  It has helped us put everything into perspective and move on with our lives.  Now we’re making up for all those lost years and spending as much time as we can together.  Writing this book has been an adventure!”

Helen:  “Yes, being together now has brought us so much joy.  We want to share that joy.  It’s been an inspiration to us, to share what has happened and move into the future.

Finally, there’s been quite a lot of press interest already.  How has that experience been for you?

Jenny:  “Yes, there’s been a flurry of media interest, with several articles in provincial papers, two features in the Daily Mail, a radio interview and a  TV recording.  I’ve also been asked to do some golf related interviews through the year.  I’m buzzing.  It’s a huge step forward.”

Helen:  “It’s all new to me!  I’ve never done anything like this before.  It’s all go!  I’m fine with it because we want to get our story out there.  It’s a very personal story to us both, so we need to treat it all sensitively, and be aware of how it may affect people, for example concerning adoption issues, missing relatives or domestic violence.  We hope it will show people that everything came out well for both of us and we look forward to many happy times together