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1st Anniversary of publication day!

Today is the 1st anniversary of publication day!

My Secret Sister has had a wonderful year and exceeded all expectations during the last 12 months.
Our book has been a bestseller from day one and was Number One on Amazon’s Kindle chart for over 6 months!

Our story seems to have touched the hearts of so many all over the world. The emails we have received have been heart warming. Our grateful thanks to everyone who has taken the time to write to us. It means a lot.

We have had a very eventful and busy schedule during the year. The publicity, Radio, Television and newspaper interviews was exhausting for us both, but we really enjoyed meeting so many lovely people.

We have managed to have some down time too though!
Jenny, Sam, Dennis and I had a lovely visit to Ghent together, it was so nice to relax for a little while!

Dennis and I also had a short trip to Rome to meet Dennis’s daughter Amy and her husband Ryan who were over from Texas. We had a lovely time together.

New Year Dennis and I spent with Jenny and Sam at their lovely home in Kent and wonderful time was had by all!

To our surprise we were contacted by BBC Radio Five Live two days ago who asked us to take part in another interview.

The anniversary of our publication would also appear to be the 25th anniversary of the Internet when British scientist Tim Berners-Lee changed the world.

The media are widely covering this momentous occasion and are doing a series of programmes with the theme of ‘How the Internet Changed my Life’

Of course, had it not been for the wonders of internet technology, our story would have been very different. Jenny would have found it virtually impossible to find me and our mountain of research would have been a nightmare!

Again, today we have had another interview with BBC Radio Kent on the same subject, it is amazing that after a whole year we are still being chased by the media!

Keep an eye on our blog on this site, further developments will be posted!