Monthly Archives: June 2013

To those who have contacted us

We are touched by all of the wonderful emails and comments we have received from readers of our book.

Many people have obviously been so moved by our story that they have written to us to tell us about their life stories. It is heartwarming to read emails from people all over the world.  We do read ALL of the emails which have been sent.

To those who have not yet received a reply,  we have been very busy lately, but promise, all of those kind people who have taken the time to contact us will have a reply from us eventually. We are working very hard to catch up!

Do feel free to write to us, we love to hear from you!

My Secret Sister still a best seller!

Apologies to our website visitors, we have not had much free time lately to keep you updated.

We are thrilled that our book, My Secret Sister continues to make amazing progress. It continues to perform very well in the best seller lists and is still Number One Best Seller on Amazon’s Kindle chart after almost eleven weeks!

Last week we had a full eight hours of filming for the new Genes Reunited channel on YouTube. The channel is sponsored by Genes Reunited working with Lorraine Kelly. The film is in the editing process at the moment but will be going live very soon. We will add the link to the film as soon as it becomes available.

We may also have some more exciting news very soon!

Keep on checking for new updates to keep track of Helen and Jenny!